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Durham Scinergy

Durham SciNergy is a non-profit organization that revitalizes Durham’s distressed properties in order to provide sustainable living options. With a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and water conservation, Durham SciNergy renovates green while helping its clients save green.

Established in 2011, the founders sought a brand that was versatile and organic. In the logo, atom-like shapes and bright colors emphasize the merge of science and energy found in the organization’s name. To make the brand more dynamic, we developed a set of four icons, with each representing one of Durham SciNergy’s foci. As found in the stationery and on the splash page, the icons are used both as illustrative accents and visual reinforcements of the organization’s services.

In developing a brand that features a central logo and icon system that can be adapted for print and digital media, we helped to strategically position Durham SciNergy for future expansion and widespread awareness.

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